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Scarlet fever warning

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Scarlet fever warning

Parents still need to be aware of scarlet fever symptoms in children according to Public Health England (PHE), even though national levels have been lower than average this season. Scarlet fever is a seasonal bacterial illness that mainly affects children but which can be treated with antibiotics.

The latest report from PHE shows that that 9,887 cases of scarlet fever were reported since mid-September 2018, compared to an average of 14,128 for the same period over the last five years.

“National levels of scarlet fever this season have remained relatively low compared to the past five seasons,” Dr Theresa Lamagni, senior epidemiologist at PHE said. “We continue to advise parents to look out for the symptoms such as a sore throat, fever and rash, and to contact their GP or NHS 111 if they spot symptoms or have concerns.”

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