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GPhC council get £2.5k pay rises to ‘attract high calibre members’

Council members voted on a 20 per cent increase to their pay in a recent meeting,

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RPS urges Government to draft pharmacy workforce retention strategy

Pharmacists at high risk of burnout, the RPS warns health select committee.

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GPhC suspends pharmacist who prescribed 'irrationally and unsafely'

Prescribing pharmacist acted far beyond his competence, an FtP committee has found.

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Pharmacogenomics should be part of MPharm degree, says RPS

All pharmacists should have receive genomics training, says the Society in a new paper.

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Pharmacist Support pledges to help trainees prepare for assessment

Charity will provide resources to help trainees manage anxious thoughts and get sufficient sleep.

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Chief pharmacists announce professional leadership commission

The NHS seeks to address a missing piece in pharmacy leadership jigsaw.

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GPhC scraps two-year rule for pharmacists training as prescribers

GPhC relaxes rules for those who want to train as independent prescribers.

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