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PDA chair expresses concern at government interference in RPS

Koziol questions whether the RPS can effectively scrutinise and oppose government proposals in future

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Wales to fund extended clinical placements for pharmacy undergrads

Extra funding will rise to more than £2.7m per year by April 2025, says HEIW

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Registrants asked GPhC for clarity over possible strike action  

Regulator queried about its stance on industrial action by pharmacy professionals

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RPS decides not to donate to charity on members’ behalf

Motion to donate £1 per member was backed by majority voting in the May AGM.

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In focus: A busy year for Pharmacist Support

The profession’s charity celebrated its 180th anniversary last year.

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GPhC chief: We’re not too soft on the big multiples

Rudkin says the regulator does not treat one sector any differently to others

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GPhC to start anonymising FtP cases in October to tackle discrimination

Certain information about registrants will be redacted from files presented to investigating committee.

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