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Clinical services

Hearing health pilot in London pharmacies can treat 800 patients a month

Hearing test and earwax removal offered across 20 London pharmacies in new pilot

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New guidance on solid antibiotics in children amid strep A concerns

Specialist Pharmacy Service approves 'off label' use of solid dosage forms

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PSNC announces mandatory valproate audit for 2022-23

Pharmacies must complete a six-week audit before March 31

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Public’s lack of self care confidence is ‘alarming’ says PAGB

Survey of 2,000 adults finds more than half not confident treating backache

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MHRA calls on naloxone providers to check for missing needles

Reports from France suggest some kits may be missing needles, says MHRA

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Pharmacies can deliver ‘much wider range’ of vaccines

'Inflexible' vaccine distribution networks must first be targeted, says PSNC

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GP pharmacist recruitment linked with ‘better medicines prescribing’

However, higher recruitment of additional roles to surgeries may hurt patient satisfaction

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