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Health & NHS

Over 6,500 diabetes education packs supplied to 330 pharmacies

Resources will help pharmacy teams and diabetes patients improve their understanding of the disease

14 Nov 2022, 1 Min Article

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Dapagliflozin no longer authorised for treatment of type 1 diabetes

Dapagliflozin no longer indicated for type 1 diabetes for commercial reasons.

13 Dec 2021, 1 Min Article

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Diabetes type 2 patients can benefit from low carb diet

The report found beneficial effects from following a lower carbohydrate diet, such as an improvement in blood sugar management.

25 May 2021, 1 Min Article

Health & NHS

Integrate pharmacists into diabetes care, says RPS

Pharmacists in all settings should be integrated into services aimed at preventing and managing type 2 diabetes.

09 Jul 2019, 1 Min Article

Health & NHS

Diabetes prescribing rises by a record 7 per cent in a year

NHS BSA reports that 66 million diabetes drug items were prescribed in 2021-22

10 Aug 2023, 1 Min Article

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Health & NHS

Look after your feet during pandemic says Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK has urged people with diabetes during the pandemic to look after their feet and seek urgent help if they notice anything unusual.

27 May 2020, 1 Min Article

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Proton pump inhibitors linked to higher risk of diabetes

Prolonged use of PPIs raises diabetes risk, Italian researchers conclude.

17 Jun 2022, 1 Min Article

hospital, Covid summary.jpg

Hospitalised Covid patients with diabetes at risk

Study looking at impact of Covid-19 on hospitalised patients with diabetes finds one in ten die within seven days of admission

28 May 2020, 1 Min Article

Health & NHS

Smoking on the decline

The number of adult smokers has fallen by around 1.8 million in England over seven years.

01 Jul 2019, 1 Min Article

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Health & NHS

Type 2 diabetes cases rise 40% in Scotland

New cases of type 2 diabetes in Scotland rose by 40 per cent over a 10-year period, according to official figures.

11 Feb 2020, 1 Min Article

Indigestion_digestive health_Christmas_c.png

Pharmacies top search ratings over Christmas

The most popular search on the NHS website over Christmas was about getting help from a pharmacy, research finds

03 Jan 2019, 1 Min Article

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Health & NHS

Back to school asthma warning

Children are up to three times more likely to need medical help for their asthma at the start of the school year.

02 Sep 2019, 1 Min Article


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Diabetes drug shortages not expected to resolve until mid-2024

Supply problems having “significant impact” on clinicians and causing “anxiety and concern” for patients.

24 Aug 2023, 4 Min Article


Study finds GORD leads to poor sleep quality

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease impairs sleep quality, a new US study shows.

21 Aug 2023, 2 Min Article


Asthma proves to be a headache for patients

Patients who had an asthma attack in the previous year are twice as likely to experience headaches, according to a US analysis.

15 Aug 2023, 2 Min Article


Don’t use opioids for lower back or neck pain

Opioids could even make patients’ pain worse in the medium or long-term, say researchers.

14 Aug 2023, 3 Min Article


Hepatitis C rates fall by 45 per cent in England

Better access to antivirals mean more have been treated than still have the infection

28 Jul 2023, 1 Min Article


Sigma teams up with Newfoundland Diagnostics

A leading distributor of diagnostic tests, Newfoundland Diagnostics, has joined forces with Sigma Pharmaceuticals.

28 Jul 2023, 1 Min Article


MHRA consults on taking codeine linctus POM

Consultation launched after multiple Yellow Card reports indicate that codeine linctus being used recreationally for its opioid effects, says MHRA.

18 Jul 2023, 1 Min Article


MHRA reminder of risks of taking NSAIDs in late pregnancy

Reminder that the use of systemic NSAIDs is contraindicated in the last trimester of pregnancy (after 28 weeks of pregnancy)

27 Jun 2023, 1 Min Article


Tirzepatide not recommended in latest NICE diabetes guidance

More evidence needed on the clinical and cost-effectiveness before it can be recommended for use in type 2 diabetes, says NICE

27 Jun 2023, 1 Min Article


Poor inhaler technique remains a problem

Pharmacists need to place more emphasis on improving inhaler technique, say researchers.

26 Jun 2023, 2 Min Article


Rimegepant recommended for preventing episodic migraine

This is the first time that NICE has recommended an oral treatment for migraine prevention.

05 Jun 2023, 2 Min Article

testing blood sample summary.jpg

MHRA launches Yellow Card ‘biobank’ to learn how genes affect medicines safety

Allopurinol skin reactions will be first focus for voluntary biobank pilot

25 May 2023, 1 Min Article


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HRT manufacturer says new factory will help ‘future proof’ supply chain

Besins says new facility will boost global manufacturing output by 30 per cent

22 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Superdrug to ditch disposable vapes on environmental grounds

Chain tells P3pharmacy all stock will be cleared by the end of 2023

22 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Soni: Pharmacies must seek opportunities outside negotiated contract

A new contract may offer 'sustainability' but not necessarily profits, Ash Soni warns.

21 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Grundon launches UK-wide inhaler recycling scheme

NHS Trusts and community pharmacies which sign up to the new scheme will have dedicated recycling containers for inhalers installed, making it as easy as possible for the public to participate.

19 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Suppliers face £130m fine after appeal against CMA finding on hydrocortisone pricing fails

Auden McKenzie and Actavis UK, which raised prices for hydrocortisone tablets by over 10,000 per cent over a decade, have had their appeal against a Competition and Markets Authority finding of excessive pricing rejected.

19 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


‘Middlemen’ drug distributors ‘driving up prices’ says Labour MP

Pharmacy APPG chair warns there are "massive" issues with medicines supply

15 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


New EHC brand LoviOne to hit pharmacy shelves this autumn

Company behind Lovima launches new branded EHC product

11 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Day Lewis goes with digital locum booking platform as preferred supplier

Day Lewis announces partnership with Locate a Locum

05 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Boots parent seeks new CEO as Brewer steps down after 2 years

Roz Brewer steps down by mutual agreement with WBA board

01 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Five charged in Dudley over ‘illegal online medicine sales’

Charges follow an MHRA investigation into illegally operating websites

01 Sep 2023, 1 Min Article


Titan PMR owner invests in young engineers’ pharmacy communication app

Tariq Muhammad invests six-figure sum in PharmAppy

24 Aug 2023, 1 Min Article


Well’s expansion plans approved by competition watchdog

Acquisition of Knights Pharmacy chain given the greenlight by CMA

21 Aug 2023, 1 Min Article