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Smoking cessation

Most deprived in England won’t be smokefree until 2050

The Government is set to miss its smokefree target for the most deprived in society by at least 20 years.

28 Sep 2023 , 2 Min Article

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Medicines waste in NI costs over £18m a year, says Department of Health

Northern Ireland tackles high prescribing rates as 165 tonnes of medicines wasted each year

21 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article

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MHRA catches Maidenhead couple in £1.6m black market medicines ploy

Maidenhead couple found with drugs for breast cancer, ADHD, erectile dysfunction and hair loss

11 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article

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PMR limitations contributed to infant’s tragic death, says coroner

Lack of special prescription options contributed to morphine mix-up, says coroner

08 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Gabapentinoid prescribing rises two per cent in a year

NHS BSA publishes latest report on dependency forming medicines in England

07 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article

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DH launches consultation on stricter licensing laws for cosmetic procedures

Local authorities to subject providers to more stringent checks through proposed licensing laws

04 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article

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MPs call for naloxone programme in England with pharmacy at its centre

Bring England in line with the devolved nations, Home Affair Committee urges in wide-ranging report

31 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Public health

NHS rolls out mobile blood pressure teams as pharmacy checks soar

Local council and NHS services targeting hard-to-reach patients as pharmacy checks climb

29 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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PDA calls for regulation of non-registered healthcare managers

Union has “significant concerns” about unregulated managers exerting authority over registered community pharmacists.

25 Aug 2023 , 3 Min Article

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Diabetes prescribing rises by a record 7 per cent in a year

NHS BSA reports that 66 million diabetes drug items were prescribed in 2021-22

10 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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NI pharmacies launch childhood vaccination awareness campaign

Campaign launches in 500 pharmacies across Northern Ireland

09 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Flu jab delays: Pharmacies face ‘public wrath’ due to ‘irresponsible’ decision

Wasted stock, missed appointments - delay will cause 'chaos' says CPE

09 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Pharmacy flu jab service ‘likely’ to be delayed by a month

CPE 'extremely frustrated' with last-minute announcement from NHS England

04 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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NI announces plan to integrate pharmacies in mental health services

Stormont announces plan to 'reorganise' mental health services towards community

04 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Public health

Off-label use of diabetes drugs to drive ‘critical’ shortages until mid-2024, says MHRA

No new patients to be started on GLP-1 receptor agonists, says MHRA in 'critical' alert

19 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Article