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‘Drug shortages are worse than ever – it’s taking up valuable time’

Shortages are worsening and getting harder to predict, says contractor Waqas Ahmad

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PDA: Scottish health secretary should get tough on pharmacy closures

Scotland needs to implement a 'regime of financial sanctions' for repeat offenders, says PDA

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Stocks of insulin product run out while MHRA recalls eye drop batch

Stocks of Insuman Comb 50 100units/ml suspension for injection 3ml cartridges have been exhausted.

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MHRA warns companies against online advertising of Kenalog injections

Kenalog injections are not licensed for the treatment of hay fever in the UK

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Scottish multiple expands to 30 with new Glasgow acquisition

Stepps Pharmacy sold through a quick and confidential process, says Christie & Co

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TV investigation reveals ‘dozens’ of fake online pharmacies

Illegal websites selling different strengths or active ingredients to those advertised

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