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No sign of Champix returning to pharmacies a year after recall

Pfizer 'unable to confirm' when stop smoking drug will be available, it tells PNN

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Preventative prescribing is risky in the very old

Preventative medicines are often prescribed with no clear benefit, a study finds

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CPhO issues opioid substitution guidance ahead of bank holiday

'Make the care of the patient your first priority,' says David Webb

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Pharmacists reduce exposure to high-risk anticholinergics

Pilot studies from the US report that pharmacist-overseen deprescribing reduces exposure

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Hypertension doubles Covid-19 hospitalisations

Hypertension leads to highest increased risk of hospitalisation for omicron, study shows

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MHRA issues nebuliser warning to pharmacists and parents

Watchdog aware of a 'number of fatal cases' where unsupervised home use may have played a role

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NHS to pilot smaller doses of monkeypox vaccines

The smaller 0.1ml doses are equally effective, says the UKHSA

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MHRA approves first bivalent Covid booster jab

New Moderna jab protects against Omicron as well as original 2020 variant

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