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Proton pump inhibitors linked to higher risk of diabetes

Prolonged use of PPIs raises diabetes risk, Italian researchers conclude.

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Pharmacies told to stop supplying batch of Phenobarbital 60mg tablets

The MHRA said all remaining stock should be quarantined and returned to its supplier.

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NICE to review evidence on HRT and cancer risk in menopause guidance

NICE to review new evidence on menopause care and potentially revisit its guidelines.

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Heart health

Dears Pharmacy and PocDoc launch lipid testing service

Scheme uses smartphone testing and includes a statin prescribing option.

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Statins may protect against Parkinsonian symptoms

The reduction in Parkinsonism was more marked in those receiving higher doses.

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Exercise better than paracetamol for osteoarthritis, says NICE

'Regular and consistent exercise' is the first line treatment, says NICE.

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