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NHS England to offer all T1D patients no-scan glucose monitors


NHS England to offer all T1D patients no-scan glucose monitors

NHS England & Improvement has said patients with Type 1 diabetes will be offered “life-changing” continuous glucose monitors following a new price agreement with a device manufacturer.

NHSE&I said the Dexcom One Real Time-Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices, which are worn on the arm, send information to a mobile app to help patients track their glucose levels without requiring a scan or finger prick test. 

The CGM monitors attach to the arm for up to 10 days, measuring glucose levels from just under the skin.

These devices are generally more expensive than flash monitors, which require scanning with a sensor, but can now be prescribed on the NHS for a similar price thanks to a “new cost-effective deal” with manufacturer Dexcom, NHSE&I added.

Patients will receive a starter pack from a hospital or GP surgery in the first instance, with pharmacies then providing repeat prescriptions. 

The move forms part of a wider agenda of using technology to help patients manage their diabetes, with almost 60 per cent of Type 1 diabetes patients reportedly benefiting from flash monitors at present.  

Dr Partha Kar, national speciality advisor for diabetes and obesity, said the move was a “huge step forward for Type 1 diabetes care”.

He added: “These monitors will be life-changing for anyone with the illness – giving them more choice to manage their condition in the most convenient way possible – as well as the best chance at living healthier lives, reducing their risk of hospitalisation and illnesses associated with diabetes, which in turn reduces pressure on wider NHS services.” 

Karen Baxter, vice president, UK & Ireland, Benelux, France and Spain at Dexcom commented: “The addition of Dexcom One to the NHS England drug tariff is enormous progress towards improving the choice of diabetes tech, providing an alternative to burdensome finger pricks and scanning.

“As a next step, we will be working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure the diabetes community can benefit as quickly as possible from reimbursement and the wider availability of Dexcom CGM.”

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