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Pharmacy team

Just 7% of pharmacies in England are profitable, says PSNC

PSNC pressures survey paints a 'devastating' picture of rising costs and supply issues.

13 Apr 2023 , 1 Min Article

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CPCF: New services, hub & spoke changes on the way

Year 2 of the contract will see changes such as the launch of a new NHS Discharge Medicines Service.

24 Feb 2020 , 2 Min Article

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Carer stress rising

Increasing stress levels as 60.6 per cent of carers have reported feeling stressed in 2018-19.

10 Jul 2019 , 1 Min Article

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GP workload crisis: Increasing numbers looking to quit

A survey of 929 GPs has found that over 40 per cent intend to quit the profession within five years.

28 Feb 2019 , 2 Min Article