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Use pharmacists differently say Bath researchers

Hub and spoke would allow more patient-facing services, according to report.

14 Jul 2023 , 2 Min Article

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Pharmacist prescribing outpaced by nurses

Non-medical prescribing under the spotlight in Scotland.

20 Apr 2023 , 2 Min Article

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Pharmacy bodies form supervision group ahead of legislation reforms

Group seeks to influence Government ahead of planned reforms to pharmacy supervision legislation.

30 Jan 2023 , 2 Min Article

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PDA calls for Royal College of Pharmacists in leadership response

A Royal College would supervise the training and formation of practitioners in pharmacy, the PDA says

15 Nov 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Quadrant recall batch of mefenamic acid tablets

Batch number 107082 found to have a defective layer of film coating.

17 May 2022 , 1 Min Article

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New digital resource will reduce opioid harm

Online dashboard will allow pharmacists and GPs to understand prescribing patterns.

17 May 2022 , 1 Min Article

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GP flu jab competition giving way to 'partnership,' says LPC chief

Weekly meetings involving pharmacies and GPs have fostered collaboration says London LPC chief.

15 Feb 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Interview: Spotting cancer warning signs in the pharmacy

Award-winning Exeter pharmacist Jackie Lewis tells PM there is 'so much' pharmacists can do.

04 Feb 2022 , 3 Min Article

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DHSS consults on introducing OPD with an eye to hub-and-spoke

"Flexibility" to dispense up to 10 per cent more or less than prescribed in order to maintain OP.

03 Nov 2021 , 1 Min Article