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Women's health

Government proposes POM to P switch for HRT product

MHRA launches a proposal on reclassifying the HRT vaginal tablet Gina 10.

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Pharmacist and three others face bribery charges over NHS drugs claims

Pharmacist Cathal Daly faces a bribery charge in connection with a £1,000 payment.

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Boots urged to clarify if pharmacists can work elsewhere as it cuts hours

Some pharmacists are to have their hours cut by more than 10 per cent, the PDA claims.

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Sheffield pharmacy celebrates 70 years of offering daily service

Wicker Pharmacy has opened seven days a week since January 21 1952.

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NHS survey paints complex picture of pharmacist vacancies

Vacancies have doubled, but the number of FTE pharmacists per pharmacy has also risen.

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Pharmacists 'can tackle vaccine concerns among BAME patients'

Sandra Gidley says pharmacists have “enormous role” in giving patients confidence to take Covid-19 vaccines.

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