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NPA urges NHSE&I to fulfil promise to review CPCF global sum

NHSE&I remains tight-lipped while the fourth year of contractual talks are ongoing.

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Ethnicity and deprivation factors in Covid jab uptake

Black pregnant women are least likely to be vaccinated against Covid, according to new figures. 

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Business environment

I want successful businesses to join me, says ‘super pharmacy’ CEO

Alitam chief sets out his ambitions to disrupt the sector.

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Prince Charles pays tributes to pharmacists at special reception

He praised pharmacies' pandemic efforts and the 'inspiring' diversity of the profession.

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Heart health

Twice-a-year injection for high blood pressure undergoes trial

The treatment could replace the need for daily pills if the study is successful.

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Drug shortages rising sharply year on year, says AIMp

Medicine lines affected by supply issues up almost double, AIMp tells Channel 4.

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