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General election 2019 #VotePharmacy

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General election 2019 #VotePharmacy

The NPA, PSNC and RPS are joining the general election campaign with their very own Community Pharmacy Manifesto.

The election provides an opportunity for the sector to be recognised by future MPs as a valuable health and wellbeing asset and a solution to many longstanding problems in the NHS, say the pharmacy bodies, and have set up a website to support the #vote pharmacy campaign.

“Our aim is simple: to ensure the next UK Government recognises that community pharmacy is a solution to many longstanding problems in the NHS and acts decisively to unlock the sector’s huge potential,” says the VotePharmacy website.

The three bodies have developed a range of resources for pharmacy teams across the UK to engage with their local parliamentary candidates in the run up to the general election on 12 December. 

Pharmacists are encouraged to find out who their parliamentary candidates are, and send them a copy of the Community Pharmacy Manifesto, as well as inviting them to visit local pharmacies, and promoting and talking about community pharmacy on social media using the hashtag #VotePharmacy throughout the election campaign. 

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