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£800 funding for staff training continues in Scotland

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£800 funding for staff training continues in Scotland

The Scottish Government is continuing to make funding of up to £800 a year available to each community pharmacy for staff training.

The courses for which support funding is available are:

  • Pharmacy Services Level 2: NVQ/SVQ
  • Pharmacy Services Level 3: NVQ/SVQ
  • Accredited Checking Technician (NPA Accuracy in Dispensing Training Module or equivalent)
  • SQA Professional Development Award (PDA) in Final Accuracy Checking by Pharmacy Technicians.

NHS Circular: PCA (P)(2019) 23 gives details of how claim can be made to NHS Education for Scotland for the period from November 1 2019 to March 31 2020. Payment will be made on submission of evidence that a member of the claimant/contractor’s staff is about to commence, has commenced or has completed a listed course during this period.

Late submissions will not be accepted for payment. If a contractor has already received a contribution of £800 in the 2019/20 financial year then no further monies are payable. The same employee cannot be claimed for in different periods for the same course.


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