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Pharmacy safety organisation targets LASA errors

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Pharmacy safety organisation targets LASA errors

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group has said reducing look alike, sound alike (LASA) errors is to be one of its top priorities for 2020.

The Group facilitates community pharmacy organisations to work with one another and with policy makers and patient representatives to ensure medicines are dispensed appropriately and used safely.

In a statement setting out its priorities for the coming 12 months, the organisation said that in addition to tackling LASA errors it would be focusing on issues such as antimicrobial resistance, opioid use and sepsis detection.

Group chair Janice Perkins said: “The Group’s instrumental role in reducing LASA errors is a particularly good example of the benefits of collaboration.

“Together we have provided an open learning environment which allows members to identify issues and share learnings from errors and best practice. We have produced posters, resources and a video to support front line staff.

“The inclusion of LASA medicines in the Pharmacy Quality Scheme is welcome and demonstrates the ongoing work that needs to be done – and the Patient Safety Group will continue to support this work. In 2020, we will continue to monitor and share insight, collaborate with NHS England & Improvement and work with patient groups to ensure patients are empowered to understand the risks associated with certain medicines.”

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