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Resources on the way for 'Help Us Help You' campaign

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Resources on the way for 'Help Us Help You' campaign

The 'Help Us Help You' (HUHY) winter campaign - one of this year's six mandatory health campaigns for community pharmacies in England under the contract framework - is back, and Public Health England  (PHE) says distribution of campaign materials has begun.

HUHY encourages customers to seek help for winter ailments from their local pharmacy and prepare for winter by getting vaccinated against the flu virus. The aim is to increase uptake amongst key customers, such as people who are more likely to spread flu or become seriously ill from the virus.

From 11 November until 31 December HUHY campaign materials must be displayed in community pharmacies, including:

  • A5 Stay Well This Winter leaflets, plus counter top dispenser
  • A4 flu poster aimed at at-risk groups
  • A4 flu poster aimed at pregnant women.

Social media and digital resources are also available via PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre.
As well as being promoted in community pharmacies, the campaign will run on TV, online, social media and on billboards across the country.

Community pharmacies will also receive the following as part of the resource pack. These do not have to be displayed but can be used for additional information and support:

Help Us Help You – Before It Gets Worse/Know What To Do:

  • Help Us Help You Treat Your Infection – Respiratory Tract Infection pad
  • NHS 111 – A4 posters which advises customers that they can use NHS 111 to find out what to do and where to go when they have an urgent but non-life threatening medical concern. PHE suggests displaying this poster by the pharmacy's opening hours notice so customers know where to get the support if the pharmacy is closed
  • Winter preparedness – A4 posters which aim to increase the number of customers seeking advice from their community pharmacy at the first sign of a winter respiratory illness.

Prescription Exemption Checking ‘Check Before You Tick’:

These resources are meant to help customers understand their eligibility for free NHS prescriptions and how to claim correctly, to avoid receiving penalty charges:

  • Poster
  • Leaflets/ ring bound booklet
  • Wobblers
  • Strut card.
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