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LPC holds elections to decide PCN pharmacist leads

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LPC holds elections to decide PCN pharmacist leads

By Neil Trainis

North East London LPC (NEL LPC) is holding elections to decide the pharmacist leads for all 40 primary care networks (PCNs) in the area.

The results of the elections, which Independent Community Pharmacist (ICP) understands opened yesterday, will be announced on Thursday.

“I think we’re the only ones doing this in the country. We’re doing it because we want to engage everyone to aspire to achieve,” NEL LPC secretary Hemant Patel told ICP.

“We are also creating community pharmacy networks which are co-terminus with primary care networks. If we’re going to develop clinical services, they need to be available through the NHS and privately.”

When asked if any other LPCs in England were replicating NEL LPC’s approach to pharmacist PCN-lead democracy, Patel said: “I don’t know. Nobody’s asked me. We are doings things that are unique to North East London.

“It’s not just about nominating somebody. It’s about leadership and the ability to negotiate a clinical contract.

“We don’t believe in sending in a plumber without the tools to do the job.”

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