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Contractor representation report out in June

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Contractor representation report out in June

The Independent Review of Contractor Representation and Support, commissioned by PSNC from Professor David Wright, is back on the agenda with publication planned for mid-June.

The report was completed at the end of March and publication was planned for May, but was held back because of the coronavirus epidemic. Prof Wright has reviewed the report in the light of Covid-19 and plans to send it to PSNC and LPCs on June 17. It will be published on June 19 and there will be a webinar for all contractors on June 29.

Commenting on the pending publication, PSNC chief executive Simon Dukes said: “I have no doubt the report will make uncomfortable reading for all of us in PSNC and LPCs. Some will want to ignore and discount, others may want to obfuscate and delay, others still will no doubt decry and disparage. But the contractors we serve deserve the best value we can provide, and in a post-Covid world, there may be no better time for us to shape the future.”

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